I love Little Sprouts!

“Little Sprouts helped me Blossom into a Kindergartner”

Here is what Parents have said about us:

This is not just a Day Care.

My Son has been going to Little Sprouts for the last 2 years, and it has been a great place for him, not only a lovely and caring environment but also a great place for learning!

Yvonne, the owner of the Day Care, has a great way to teach a structure, discipline to kids which helps a lot at home too.

Kids learn to be kind to each other, to understand rules, to eat properly and healthy, to communicate to others with respect, and amazingly writing, reading, simple math as well as other basics of the day to day things, e.g. the days of the week, seasons of the year, counting, etc.

It is also important the attention each kid gets; and this Day Care has a ratio of 1:4, which is great.

My Son has been very happy here and we will miss a lot Little Sprouts Day Care.
Thank you Yvonne for Everything!”

Koester family
Long Beach, CA

My daughter attended Little Sprouts for just under two years, and I could not have asked for better care for my little girl! Upon seeing the daycare, I immediately fell in love with the decor, the energy of the home, and Miss Yvonne. In our almost two years of being there, the daycare was in constant transition, with the decor changing through the seasons and new games, books, and toys. The one constant though: Miss Yvonne and her big heart!! I can only speak accolades about this place, and so could my (now) Kindergartner  It says something about a daycare when no family wants to leave. Again, in our two years, they were only a couple of kids who left, and always due to a move or other extenuating circumstance, never due to unhappiness. 

Whenever I had concerns about my daughter, especially after her Kindergarten assessment, all I had to do was talk with Miss Yvonne, who set my mind at ease with her learning pace, what she was learning, and how prepared she was for school. The door was always open between us, no matter my crazy concerns. In fact, I’m proud to say that after two years of her amazing-ness I can call Miss Yvonne my friend. She cared whole heartedly for my daughter and myself, as well as the other families there, seeing us through the good and bad times, always being a ray of sun for the kids. 

When my daughter originally started “daycare”, she was attending a very regimented school which didn’t feel right. I pulled her out, and found Little Sprouts on Craig’s List, which was the only home daycare I looked at. As I said, I was sold immediately. They had the perfect balance of play, learning, crafting, and fun! It was truly the best environment for my daughter who thrived, and for the worried parent in me who just wants the best for my kid. 

Our last day at Little Sprouts was a sad one. But I can honestly say, “Little Sprouts helped my daughter BLOSSOM into a Kindergartner”. Thank you Miss Yvonne.”

Sadina Z.
Long Beach, CA

Where to begin!?
I have nothing but great things to say about Ms.Yvonne.
I felt very fortunate that I had a place like Ms.Yvonne’s Daycare, that truly cares for my daughter.

Ms.Yvonne provides art projects, outdoor area, singing, ABCs, good meals and lots of love. She treats every child like a special individual and she is amazing with children. I am so impressed with her kid wisdom.

Since day one my daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Little Sprouts Daycare. She always looked forwards to going to Little Sprouts Daycare. Ms.Yvonne made it easy for me to go to work without having to worry about anything.

My daughter goes to Kindergarten now and no longer goes to Ms.Yvonne’s daycare but she still asks for Ms.Yvonne.
I highly recommend Little Sprouts Daycare to any parents looking for quality daycare!

-Yuka Y.
Long Beach, CA

Little Sprouts Daycare is wonderful! My daughter attends this daycare, but it is so much more that just a daycare. The owner/head teacher Ms. Yvonne is amazing with the kids. She is always so loving and patient with them, never raising her voice. She also has an assistant that comes to help out with the kids which makes the ratio like 1:2 or 1:3 which is unheard of; because of this smaller size they are able to teach the kids at their individual levels. They also have lots of fun group activities everyday. This place is such a great loving, caring, fun, safe and secure environment. I am so happy that we found it! It is also very reasonably priced for the high quality of care you receive. My daughter LOVES coming here and always tells me all the fun and exciting things they did everyday. Ms. Yvonne goes above and beyond any other daycare with all she does with the kids. Take a tour to see for yourself, you will fall in love with this place!

Kayla T. (mom of 3)
Long Beach, CA

“My son has been with Little sprouts daycare for 7 months now. He ABSOLUTELY LOVES it here! They teachers are wonderful and so great with the kids. They eat, play, learn songs and read books. My son is confident and happy when I pick him up at the end of the day. I couldn’t say enough great things about this daycare:)”

Melissa B.
Long Beach, CA

“Dear Parent, I am a particular parent of two boys.  Our 4-yr-old, Peter, had the pleasure of attending Little Sprouts Preschool in Long Beach for a year.  I was so looking forward to our 17-month old son going as well when he turned 2, but we recently moved to West Hills.  Our son Peter LOVED Little Sprouts because Ms. Yvonne has made it a loving, nurturing, safe, educational and fun environment.  I trust her completely with my kids and know she truly loves her students.  We liked that she continued the lessons from our household about manners and being respectful to elders and friends.  Our son would remember his school lessons about safety, sharing, the days of the week and much more.  I was extremely proud to be a Little Sprouts Mom and would tell all my friends about the unique experience Peter was having at school.  This was our second time attending an in-home preschool.  We attended one when living in Culver City that we thought was top notched.  However, Little Sprouts surpassed our expectations.  It honestly has been the BEST school experience we’ve had so far.  It was so nice to drop my son off to school and not have to scramble to make his lunch beforehand.  That was a huge bonus that made our lives easier.  I would wake up, drop him off and know he was getting nutritional meals, making friends and having fun while learning.  Little Sprouts/Ms. Yvonne is exceptional and we already miss our school.  (Thank you, Ms. Yvonne, for being the best teacher and loving our son.  We will surely keep in touch because YOU ROCK!)”

-Cheryl C.
West Hills, CA

“My son is a graduate from Little Sprouts Daycare. After several online searches and daycare visits, we chose to go with Little Sprouts. It is nurturing, warm, fun, and safe. It’s clean atmosphere and vibrant toys instantly captured my child’s imagination and led him to play joyfully. Little Sprouts positive encouragement and loving atmosphere helped to potty train my son and equipped him with the emotional and intellectual readiness needed for the next phase in his little life:) !!!”
– Gwen V.
Long Beach, CA